Exude confidence, authenticity & beauty — express your true colors!

Be Seen for YOU

Your beauty, your personality, and your essence all play an important part in creating a palette that is unique to you. Now, in just 6 weeks, you can discover the colors that communicate who you are in this world.  

Are you ready to discover your true colors and express yourself authentically, feeling beautiful and confident?

Introducing Transform with Color 365

This program is open to you for one full year and guides you step-by-step into all aspects of personal color and the process for creating your very own color palette.

Each of the 6 core modules include full-color guides, videos and practical practices to help you understand and select the right colors for you.

Plus, there are LIVE Q&A video sessions every other month with Arden and a daily support community. It’s designed to help you develop a complete and holistic understanding of the principles and fundamentals you need to create and transform with color from the inside-out.

Ready to Align Your Appearance
with Your True Essence?

When you wear and surround yourself with colors that align with you, you become more confident and expressive in who you are. And as you hone your eye to color, you’ll experience a deeper understanding of your own beauty.

This Powerful 365-day program is the solution for you, if…

  • You’re looking to become more confident in how you present yourself to the world. You’ll learn the power of your Essence and Magnetic colors and how to choose them to align with your intentions.
  • You want everything about you to be aligned with who you are.You’ll discover the colors that align with your energy and support your many moods, roles and life expressions.
  • You want to know what colors look great on you. You’ll discover your palette is as diverse as you and how your best colors influence how others perceive you.
  • Get that promotion, new job or partnership — and know how to send subtle, authentic messages through colors which attract allies and influence perceptions.
  • You want to dump your “safe” colors and start adding more color to your life.You’ll become more confident and expressive in your daily life.
  • You’re looking to transform & transition in a beautiful way. by using the language of color to communicate your soul-powered message with the world.
  • You want to have a deeper appreciation for yourself. You’ll take your color knowledge to a whole new level in how you look at yourself and others.
  • Enjoy Unconditional Support from a powerful guide and inspiring community who are committed to your growth and transformation.

Be warned: Embracing your colors is life-changing!


Here’s what other’s have said about Transform with Color

How Does the Transform with Color
Program Work?

The 365 program is open to you for a full year (365 days.) To help you pace yourself, a new core module is open to you every 5 days in the first 4 weeks...that's where you’ll receive access to the Module and it's exercises. Every other month, there will be a live 1-hour Q&A webinar with Arden to get your burning questions answered. (Jan, Mar, May, Jul, Sep, Nov)

Color guides, worksheets, webinar videos, audio recordings and all bonuses will be available as a digital download, so no matter where you are in the world, all you need is an Internet connection to benefit from the program.

Plus, you’ll also become a part of our private course community group which will help you to further see and implement what you’re learning. Since color is SO visual, we’ll have you covered every step of the way so you feel completely supported.

You'll Learn How to Use Color to Create Harmony Between
Your Inner Essence & the Outer World

You Have Essence & Magnetic Colors That Empower & Support You

Utilizing her years of research and study in the art and science of color, Arden has identified 14 key colors that align your personal energy & vibrations with your coloring & personality…upleveling your ability to express your true essence.  These are your Essence and Magnetic colors – they are unique to you and have an amazing capacity to support you in all areas of your life including enhancing your appearance and surroundings.  Your Essence colors mirror you and your Magnetic colors complement you.

Get Ready to Discover Your Unique Colors!

The Transform with Color course provides you with practical (and a smidge of magical) insight on using color to create harmony between your inner essence and the outer world. When you use color in this way, you'll feel like everything is suddenly aligned with who you are.

And when you wear your colors, people take notice. They truly SEE you — in a deeper and more authentic way.

If you’re ready to manifest your true beauty by discovering your best colors, this course was designed for you!


Learn from a Masterful Guide

Arden is a renowned color expert whose studies have led her to develop and launch custom color palettes — backed by the latest research in color theory & notation — designed to help you discover and radiate your own unique colors (from the inside out).

Arden’s teachings are all about unveiling and enhancing your natural beauty versus adopting inauthentic color choices that can result in you looking — and feeling — flat and uninspired.

This 6-week training is designed to leave you shining — in all YOUR colors — so that you embody and express your authenticity in ways that bring you greater joy, ease and creativity.

Here's What's Included in the 365 Program:

Each module builds upon the next.
You’ll develop a complete and full palette that aligns with you.

  • 1

    Module 1. The Meaning of Color: How Color & Personality Align

    In this module, we’ll explore color psychology and discuss our personal relationships and subjective histories with color. We’ll observe how chroma and personality collide, take an extrovert/ambivert/introvert quiz and learn about the five color personality types.We’ll study images of individuals and their artwork to illustrate each color personality and their combinations. You’ll learn how your coloring affects your personality, career choices and how others see you, drawing on Kandinsky, Marcel Breuer, Chagall, Itten and other artists as examples.

    In this module, you’ll:

    • Identify the positive and negative meanings of your favorite colors and learn what they say about you
    • Study the history of personal color pioneer Johannes Itten of the Bauhaus and his unique contribution to the world of color
    • Understand how extroversion and introversion play a large role in your color personality
    • Discover your color personality (sharp, deep, subdued, dynamic, animated) and how to integrate your core and sub personalities

  • 2

    Module 2. Identifying Your True Colors: Creating Your Color Blueprint

    Our hair, skin and eyes contain pigments that produce uniquely coded colors. We’ll take a look at human coloring and discover some of the latest research on human skin tones by the Pantone Color Institute. You’ll identify all the colors seen in your hair, skin and eyes and notate them on your Color Blueprint.

    Your Color Blueprint is unique to you and will guide your Essence Colors, your Magnetic Colors and your personal color harmonies. We’ll discuss visual perception, successive contrast and Itten’s seven color contrasts and how they relate to your personal colors, especially the concepts of warm and cool. You’ll also see how human coloring fits on the color wheel and learn why the Munsell color system is the preferred method in color notation.

    In this module, you’ll...

    • Discover how your subjective color preferences and personal colors align
    • Identify all the colors that create your unique coloring
    • Utilize the Munsell and Human Color Wheel
    • Begin developing your Color Blueprint by adding colors that match your hair, skin and eyes
    • See how value (light to dark) plays a role in your coloring
    • Determine your dominant color temperature
    • Understand how to “see” others and how to effectively collaborate with them creatively (in both relationship and home design)

  • 3

    Module 3. Your Essence Colors: Allowing Your True Self To Be Seen

    The 12 core colors that enhance and complement your own coloring are known as your Essence Colors and Magnetic Colors. Itten wrote that "women/men look best when they wear their subjective and complementary colors."

    Your six Essence Colors are your subjective colors; your six Magnetic Colors are your complementary colors. Essence Colors match and enhance your coloring; they open the door for conversation, evoke trust, form bonds and show the “real” you. This module will give an overview of all 12 colors and delve into further study of the six Essence Colors with various images and examples for each.

    In this module, you’ll...

    • Use your Color Blueprint to identify your Essence Colors
    • Discover your Soul and Spirit Colors and when you should surround yourself with them
    • Identify your Approachable and Trusting Colors and learn how they influence others
    • Determine what your Vulnerable Color is and why you should wear it
    • Explore the various personal color harmonies and what they mean
    • Discover your lightest and darkest color and why black might not be part of the equation
    • Create your Restful Color through harmony exploration
    • Experience wearing one of your Essence Colors

  • 4

    Module 4. Your Magnetic Colors: Elevate Your Presence

    Your six Magnetic Colors are complements to your personal colors in your Color Blueprint and elevate your presence in the world. As the yang to your Essence Colors, your Magnetic Colors are powerful and create strong, positive impressions and associations. They can be balanced either through harmonizing with your Essence Colors or by softening with neutrals.

    During this module, you’ll...

    • Align your color personality with your Magnetic Colors by using the Human Color Wheel
    • Discover your Heart and Intellect Colors and how to best use them
    • Uncover your Inspiring and Vibrant Colors
    • Explore your Fearless and Vitality Colors
    • Experience wearing one of your Magnetic Colors

  • 5

    Module 5. The Secret Messages of Your Blueprint: Supporting Your Natural Beauty

    In this session, we’ll delve deeper into the characteristics of personal coloring: texture, pattern, sheen and luminescence. We’ll review pattern/ground, textures and shapes seen in our face (eyes, nose, skin and hair) and how we can utilize their secret messages for selecting the right elements and metals that support us in our life and work.  

    During this module, you’ll…  

    • Map the characteristics of your facial features and uncover their hidden meanings
    • Integrate your learning of texture and pattern and how to use it to feel supported
    • Determine the right elements (earth, water, fire, air, ether) that align with your Color Blueprint and personality

  • 6

    Module 6. Your Neutrals & Adding Space for Authenticity

    By the end of this course, you’ll have put together a customized Color Blueprint which identifies your personal coloring, your Essence and Magnetic Colors, neutrals, harmonies and the right patterns/textures and elements/metals for you.

    In this module, you'll...

    • Determine your best neutrals: warm-cool, warm, cool, silver-warm, silver-cool
    • Identify your supporting metal (silver, gold, bronze, copper, brass) and how and where to incorporate it in your life
    • Create space for expressing your authentic self with neutrals
    • Create color palettes & harmonies to use for your wardrobe & home

PLUS, You Also Get These Free Bonus Gifts:

Bonus #1: Guide to Color Secrets & Meanings

Learn the meanings, secrets & personalities behind the 10 hues and 3 monochromatics. Each hue is covered in detail providing you the biological and psychological meanings of all the colors including their energies and color personalities. This special guide covers the following hues and monochromatics: Red, Orange, Yellow, Yellow-Green, Green, Blue-Green, Blue, Blue-Violet, Violet, Red-Violet (Pink), Black, White and Gray.

Bonus #2: Core Wardrobe Color Guide

Every woman is different and unique in her coloring — not all colors work for all women. The Core Wardrobe Guide, developed by Arden, includes tips and checklists for building your basic wardrobe of neutrals as determined by your dominant color temperature and values. You’ll be guided through the process of identifying your color values by using the artist value scale. The guide includes 18 basic neutral colors segmented by color temperature with some tips for mixing and matching all your options before you add color.

Bonus #3: Inspirational Coloring Booklet

Start a mindful practice and enhance your daily meditations by exploring coloring with these five special designs drawn by Arden. Each piece depicts one of the color personalities with inspirational sayings worthy of framing. All you need is color pencils, crayons or markers, and a playful spirit to create your own artwork.

Bonus #4: Exploring the World of Color Online Workshop (value $97)

In this exploration of color online workshop, we start with the simple question: “What is color?” We’ll look at the scientific, physiological & psychological research and findings behind color.

During this workshop, you’ll:

Identify the hue, value and chroma of a color and understand how it is created.

See how the color wheel is used to create harmony and balance with colors you cherish.

Learn how color can trick your perceptions and senses – and how you can “see” color clearly and authentically.

Bonus #5: Q&A Archive of Former Sessions

You'll have access to the expanding library of past Q&A sessions from 2017 on up to today. Topics cover shopping, what to do when you dislike a color, Munsell vs the seasons, how to create harmonies...and many more!

Take Advantage of This Truly Empowering Course on Color

Get in Before the Doors Close


Countless transformational stories from women who are
enjoying color, aligning with color and transforming with color!

  • Name
    I Can’t Remember a Class I Took That Has Brought Me Such Pleasure!

    Arden Reece’s course was the richest online course experience I’ve had to date. It was beautifully conceived and packed full with practical information. I thought I would learn what colors looked best on me; I did AND I also learned SO MUCH MORE about texture, shape, accessorizing, contrast & color-pairing, and how colors influence how others perceive us.

    I can now walk into a clothing or makeup store and zero right in on the colors that flatter me, and I have much more confidence pulling together a complete ensemble that complements my coloring and style and is right for the occasion.

    What surprised me the most about the course however, was how Arden wove in spirituality, and how by understanding my relationship to color I came to know myself more deeply. I particularly enjoyed the soul color meditation—it was powerful and affirming.
    Deborah Grandinetti Maple Shade, NJ
  • Name
    Andy Enhanced Her Existing Energy Practice and Bolstered Her Confidence Significantly!

    What surprised me the most was that I would be excited to share this with others—it wasn’t something I was taking for “continued learning.” I do Crystal Healing Therapy and was excited to take my color knowledge to a new level and to be able to take a person’s physical traits and help them individualize their wardrobe and surroundings with the colors right for them.

    I’m using color more in my existing practice of Crystal (and now Color!) energy healing—and, I’m excited for the knowledge to grow on me even more with practice. I can say that the course instilled a lot of confidence in my intuition when choosing colors—I have my chart printed above my dresser in my walk-in closet. I know now which item is my “fearless” blue or my “inspiring” green! Another big takeaway for me were the Essence colors—to know the vulnerable, trusting, restful and approachable colors helps me with how I present myself in different situations— whether it’s for networking events, healing sessions, vibrant evenings out or simply sitting with a friend’s newborn.

    All in all, the course gave me confidence to choose the right colors, to trust my own internal guidance, and that I can help others with this! I have such a peace of mind that my colors have my back! Plus, it gave me a great experience with a fun, caring group of people that were eager to share their experiences and help me learn about myself through watching them learn too! Learning is so much better in groups – you can’t get this kind of knowledge in a book or from just one video, it’s the entire experience of this course that makes it such a gem!
    Andy Kennedy Innerself Lightworks, Colorado
  • Name
    Melissa Discovered Color Supported Her Personal Successes in Life!

    I thought colors had seasons and I was a season… I thought I was a winter. But what I learned is that color – and the use of it in my wardrobe – is capable of supporting my personal success in life. I now use color as a support for relaxation, work situations, fun, creating energy and building trust in relationships. I choose colors based on what I need for the day—will I be meeting with a new prospect, or attending a party alone, am I lunching with friends or relaxing at home—all of these activities are supported by the color I need in order to magnify the outcome.

    For me, I use my fuchsia for attending a party alone, brown for the times when I’m negotiating for a client, nude for the new prospect, my special blue for relaxing—Arden is a genius! When I had my new headshot done, I wanted my picture to show me as “open” and “friendly” and full of passion and energy. I knew exactly what color in my arsenal to use and I feel like this picture captures exactly what I was hoping for.
    Melissa Wadley Encinitas CA
  • Name
    Janet discovered it as uplifting, educational and revealing

    Arden has a way with color like no other that I've ever come across. She inspires one to fully examine their outward appearance and also how their personal preferences affect color choices. Her open and honest approach will inspire you to become comfortable in your own skin. Go for it!!! You won't be disappointed. Arden makes learning about color fun and inspirational.
    Janet S California

Overall, Here’s What You Receive For Participating:

  • 6 LIVE 60-Minute Q&A Sessions Every Other Month

Enjoy the extraordinary opportunity to learn from color expert Arden Reece — right in your own home. Each live Q&A webinar allows you to see answers to your questions, share your screen, and feel confident as you move forward in discovering your colors and applying what you learn.

  • 6 Content-Rich Modules Walking You Through the Process of Discovering Your Colors

Each Module builds upon the next so that you come away with an in-depth understanding of you and a palette of your best colors that manifest your true beauty.

  • Colorful and Inspiring Videos for Each Module of the Program

Each module contains videos available for download -- you'll never have to worry about missing a session and you can watch and re-watch anytime, at your convenience.

  • MP3s of all Module Videos

In addition to the MP4 video files, you’ll also receive recordings in MP3 format for listening on-the-go, in the car, or whenever is convenient for you.

  • Step-by-Step Exercises & PDF Worksheets for Each Module

Each module provides you step-by-step exercises and worksheets in order to integrate what you’re learning and develop your own unique color palette.

  • 6 Color Workbooks

Enjoy color-rich workbooks to guide you visually throughout each module. These come in PDF format and are available to you to download and follow along as you take notes throughout each video.

  • The Transform with Color Bonus Collection

Your Transform with Color Bonus Package includes:

BONUS: "Color Secrets & Meanings" PDF Guide
BONUS: Core Wardrobe Guide in your color temperature
BONUS: What is Color? Workshop (value $97)
BONUS: Coloring Sheet Booklet of the Color Types
BONUS: Q&A Videos and more!

  • Plus, extra support in the Private Community, must-read books & resource lists and much more...


Get in to Join Us!


The Transform With Color Program is a 100% Risk-Free Investment

I know that the insights and practices you’ll discover in this program have the power to transform your life in all areas. And I want you to feel great about making this investment in yourself.

It’s 100% risk-free! If you start the program and for whatever reason it’s not right for you, there’s a 10-day, risk-free money back guarantee—no questions asked.

There’s little to lose -— and everything to gain.

The Choice Is Clear… And The Next Step Is Simple.

If you see yourself reflected in here… if you’re getting that hit from your intuition that this program could benefit you… then this is your moment to step forward.

It matters that you take action NOW. And the next step couldn’t be simpler.

The next year (and beyond) has the power to change your life forever. You have colors that make you want to sing from the rooftops! Oh, and did I mention that we’re going to have a BLAST?

I can’t wait to personally welcome you to the program.

About Your Guide

Arden Reece is the perfect guide to help you navigate the simple yet profound world of color. She’ll playfully show you the many ways you can use color to illuminate your authentic, radiant self and enhance every aspect of your life.

She is a recognized soul-powered color practitioner, author and teacher who has guided helped people around the world create meaningful transformations in their lives and businesses. Her 14 years of studies and research on personal coloring (including intensive interdisciplinary color training with the highly regarded International Association of Color Consultants / Designers) helped increase her awareness of the subtle energies of color. This heightened intuition married with extensive expertise is why Arden has the skills to masterfully facilitate your breathtaking journey into your transforming yourself with color and beyond... whether you’re an individual on a path of personal growth, an artist, a color consultant or energy healer.

Arden lives in Northern San Diego—full of remarkable color.


I’m Ready!

YES, Arden! I’m ready to step fully into transforming my life with color!

Choose your payment option below

USD $497 x 1 payment


USD $97/mo x 6 months


The 365 Program includes all the bonuses, all your program guides and materials, access to the course learning center and videos, access to our online community and live Q&A webinar sessions with Arden for a full year.

All the color guides, videos and worksheets are available to you for download for lifetime access...woo hoo!

Questions? We Got Answers!

Q: When does the Transform With Color start? +
A:The program is open now to registrations and you can start diving in today. The course will be open to you for 365 days with each of the 6 core modules released during the first month. The LIVE Q&A Webinars with Arden happen the first Thursday of every other month (Jan, Mar, May, Jul, Sep, Nov).
Q: How does an online course work? +
A: An online course is a great way to learn from the comfort of your home! All you need is access to the Internet. We use webinar, video and chat technology to make it just like an in-person event, where you can ask questions, view videos and webinars, and deepen your exploration of the course. Plus, the community experience within our private (non-Facebook) group provides you daily interaction to share your insights and deepen your learning.
Q: How will I access my materials? +
A: Transform with Color is a digital online program. You will have access to a special course page where you’ll be able to access your materials, stream videos and listen on your desktop, tablet or smart phone. The workbooks, worksheets, and practices are all easily downloadable in PDF format and be can saved to your device for lifetime access.
Q: What if I miss a live class? +
A:You don’t have to be at the live Q&A session in order to get the full benefit of the course! Each Q&A is recording for you to view or listen to later. If you know you’re going to miss a live Q&A, you can also submit your questions ahead of time so that Arden can address them. You'll also be a part of the private course group to interact with other students and Arden.
Q: Do I need any special materials to start? +
A: You’ll want to have access to a variety of colors in any medium you desire (crayons, pencils, pens, paint, paper, etc). We provide you all the details and links inside.
Q: Can you tell me more about the Private Group? +
A: The private group is integrated within the online course. It is private to you and the other group participants who can see what you post. The group is a wonderful community for all course participants to share their insights, ask questions and essentially, to have fun with all things color. Arden is quite active in the group to help answer questions and facilitate discussions. You’ll have the ability to share your experiences, projects, and a-ha moments as well as make long-time friends.
Q: What is your payment plan? +
A: Upon completing your purchase, you’ll be billed the first payment today and then subsequent payments in monthly installments for the next 2 months (total of 3 payments). With the payment plan, your payments are automatically charged on the same date of the month.
Q: Do you have a refund policy? +
A: Yes! We want you to be completely happy and confident that you made the right decision and offer a risk-free guarantee. So, if you start the program and have logged in and participated and find it’s not right for you, we include a 10-day money back guarantee.
Q: Who can I reach out to for help? +
A: If there is anything we can help you with, please email us at teamcolor@ardenreece.com, and we’ll be happy to help!

Learning is so much better in groups – you can’t get this kind of knowledge in a book or from just one video!

  • Name
    Sandy Came Away With A Deeper Appreciation of Herself

    I had delved into personal color analysis many years ago, and was interested in what might be new in the world of color as it relates to people’s skin tone, hair color and eye color.

    Once I started the classes, I was so surprised and impressed with Arden’s depth of knowledge on the history of color, how we see color and how it even reflects our inner personality. Her passion for the world of color is infectious.

    Discovering all the nuances of my own unique coloring was so fun. And, getting to see the other participants with their colors was awe inspiring…what a colorful world we live in!

    I highly recommend this course. You will come away with a new respect, and admiration, for yourself as well as an appreciation for everyone you meet. I assure you, you will not be disappointed.
    Sandy Evenson Savannah, GA
  • Name
    I now have a solid foundation for creating my new sophisticated look -- Arden's color expertise is genius. Now I can tell immediately when I walk into a clothing store what will look good on me and what to steer clear of. Thank you for providing the tools, knowledge and expert coaching for me becoming the best, most stylish “me”!
    Rebecca Massoud San Diego
  • Name
    Renee is More Confident & Expressive in Her Daily Life

    I now am more confident and expressive in my daily life because I am wearing and surrounding myself with colors that support and empower me. The colors align with my energy and that makes me look and feel great. People often respond with warmth and the connections and compliments come frequently.

    I feel tremendous gratitude for the impact that Arden has made in my wardrobe and life.
    Renee Lynn Santa Fe NM

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