Ready to Find the Right Colors that Align Your Appearance with Your True Essence?

Discover the colors that enhance your beauty and make you radiate. Your Essence & Magnetic colors mirror and magnify you as a work of art…they are unique to you and beautifully communicate who you are!

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In this transformational one-month program, you’ll be guided step-by-step each week into all aspects of color and the process for creating your very own unique color palette.

This is an online program where you’ll be led with full-color workbooks, weekly video webinars, LIVE Q&A’s and a daily support community. It’s designed to help you develop a complete and holistic understanding of the principles and fundamentals you need to create and transform with color from the inside-out.

  • Learn the power of your Essence & Magnetic colors
  • Discover your best palette and how it influences others
  • Dump your ‘safe’ colors and add colors that align with your energy

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Learn from a Masterful Guide

Arden is a renowned color expert whose studies have led her to develop and launch custom color palettes — backed by the latest research in color theory & notation — designed to help you discover and radiate your own unique colors (from the inside out).

Arden’s teachings are all about unveiling and enhancing your natural beauty versus adopting inauthentic color choices that can result in you looking — and feeling — flat and uninspired.

This 4-week training is designed to leave you shining — in all YOUR colors — so that you embody and express your authenticity in ways that bring you greater joy, ease and creativity.

Arden has a mastery of color beyond anyone in her niche! She brings a unique skill that's highly respected by the color industry and her clients!

– Teresa Tullio, Owner

I've had extensive training in colour, however no one has approached colour like Arden does in such a deep & meaningful way that allows for one's personality to be reflected through the colours we wear.

– Anna Chandler, Colour Consultant
& Holistic Stylist

Arden geeks out even more than me when it comes to old, dead color geniuses.

– Lori Sawaya, IACC
The Land of Color

Having been in the "color world" for several years now, I've had the opportunity to work with a number of color consultants, who often gave me differing opinions as to what "season" I was. It wasn't until this class with Arden that it all came together for grateful I am to have taken this fascinating class to understand better the principles of color for myself. Arden is kind, professional, thorough in her approach and generous with resources...I am SO glad I decided to take this course and will definitely be on the lookout for her future offerings!

Maggie Oman Shannon, San Francisco

My understanding of color has been greatly enhanced by the taking the course. I thoroughly enjoyed everything that came with it...the webinars, workbooks, worksheets and Facebook study group were all fabulous. I am finally able to see my skin tone and all of the colors in my hair and eyes. I had been laboring under some misconceptions about those areas. I always wanted to be an Autumn of some sort, and now I realize that’s not who I was nor did it enhance me. I'm able to accept and honor my unique coloring by dressing and surrounding myself in the harmony of my individualized palette.

Janet S., Fresno

Arden’s color course is packed with useful and fun information that helped me fine tune my wardrobe colors as well as help me in my interior design business. I believe the colors people look best in are also the colors that translate well in their living spaces.

Terri Davis, Terri Davis Art & Design

I now have a solid foundation for creating my new sophisticated look -- Arden's color expertise is genius. Now I can tell immediately when I walk into a clothing store what will look good on me and what to steer clear of. Thank you for providing the tools, knowledge and expert coaching for me becoming the best, most stylish “me”!

Rebecca Massoud, San Diego